Hiroshima Prefecture Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki & His Delegation’s Visit

On October 13, 2022, Dr. Patsy Iwasaki, the Katsu Goto Education Committee, along with our Board of Directors including former director George Higaki, welcomed Governor Yuzaki and his delegation: Ryoichi Sugiyama (Director General, Regional Policy Bureau), Takeshi Okoda (Director of International Affairs division), Takashi Noda (Group Leader of International Affairs Division), Chihiro Wakabayashi (Senior Staff, Secretarial Division), Reiko Yoshida Hamano (translator) and Ms. Amakura (guide).

This is a gallery of some of the photos that were taken by photographer Sarah Anderson on this memorable day. Feel free to click on an image to see a larger view of it!

All Photos © 2022 Sarah Anderson

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