HJM Fee Purchase Update

Hamakua Jodo Mission is currently in negotiations with Kamehameha Schools (“KS”) for the purchase of the land beneath the temple and outlying buildings, the cemetery and lawn areas.

This past summer we compiled and submitted information to KS for the pre-existing lot determination process to prove that our temple and cemetery has occupied the premises prior to 1948.

KS had an auditor come out to the property in November to inspect our cesspools. A formal determination was made that a large capacity cesspool exists on the property, both cesspools need to be closed and the plumbing waste lines tied into an independent water system (i.e. septic). KS sent us instructions and timelines to get this work completed. It is also one of the conditions of the sales transaction. This conversion needs to be done regardless whether HJM purchases the land or not; it is EPA law that all large capacity cesspools (“LCC”) need to be closed out. KS also has an agreement with the EPA to close out all LCC’s that are on properties owned by KS.

We held a Member’s Meeting on 4/24/21 to review and discuss the KS purchase contract they sent us and go over other things that are involved with the land negotiations, with our attorney present. There were a lot of questions asked and information presented at once, so it was decided that discussions will need to continue at a future meeting before decisions are made.

More information will be posted once another meeting is held.

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